Christiane Corbat offers private sessions, workshops and lectures.

As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Corbat offers hourly sessions and
workshops that combine a sculptural body casting process with energy work.
Corbat works with individuals or groups as they face serious illness, personal
crisis or simply wish to explore who they are.

She works with many levels of human consciousness experienced as images
that either sustain or block our true desires. These are identified and addressed
in the archetypal body casting process she uses, and serve as the basis for renewal
and self-creation for participants of these sessions and workshops.

Fees and details are available upon request.

Please see the Christiane Corbat Gallery and Globalheart Gallery links to view her
sculpture for sale.

Lectures and workshops are offered in the following areas :

Studio Work:
Archetypal Portraits with individuals facing illness or crisis, using body casting and a myth-related process that supports transformation and personal growth.


1. Art as a healing tool.
2001Interfaith Center of NY, "Body Casting: Revealing the Vision Within", lecture and guest artist.

1997Esalen Institute, "Women on the Cutting Edge" Conference, Artist-in-Residence and lecturer.

1991 Rhode Island School of Design, "Artists Speak" lecture.

2. In pursuit of passion: the art of self creation.
2004St. Petersburg, FL, The Society of North American Gloldsmiths Conference, keynote speaker "Creative Passion: Fulfilling Our Life's Work"

3. Using the arts to elicit personal history.
1998Brown University, "Transforming Personal History through Art", lecture

1991University of RI, Women's Studies Program Lecture Series, "Transforming Ourselves Through the Creative Process"

4. Art and Healing in Medicine
2004Auckland, New Zealand, "The Mind/Body Conference", presenter and workshop leader for three day event for healthcare professionals

2001 American Holistic Medical Society, Miami, FL lecture/presentation for WDWW

2000 2000 Nurses Association of America Annual Convention, "Art and Healing" Las Vegas, NV lecture/one person exhibition

2000St. Anne's Hospital, New Bedford, MA, "Survivors Annual Celebration" WDWW lecture/presentation

1999Brussels, Belgium, St. Luke's Hospital, "Une collaboration magnifique: la medicine et les arts" avec BetheAnne DeLuca-Verley, M.D. pour WDWW

1999 Florence, Italy, Ex-patriot American Women of Europe, "Breast Cancer Awareness, the Arts and Medicine", with BetheAnne DeLuca-Verley, M.D. for WDWW

1996Commonweal Cancer Research Center, lecture


1. For women with breast cancer, using body casting and a myth-related group process that
    guides women to reconnect with a sense of their personal empowerment and hope.

2004Raleigh, NC, New Visions Center for Art and Healing, Workshop for women with breast cancer

1999North Carolina Breast Cancer Coalition, Chapel Hill, NC, "Hanging Out" weekend workshop and lecture for WDWW

2. For health professionals, especially doctors, using hand casting to resolve end of life issues
    with dying patients and their families

2003American Psychiatric Association, 55th Institute on Psychiatric Services, "Access to Integrated Mental Health Care" Lecture and workshop: "Resolving Unfinished Business at the End of Life: The Art of Hand Casting" Boston MA.

3. For developmentally disabled youth, using hand casting for education and problem solving.
2003Heritage House, Warwick, RI, Hand Casting Workshop for developmentally disabled youth and staff as guest faculty for RISD class: Art as a Source of Healing

1998Auckland, New Zealand, Kotuku Trust, body casting workshop for developmentally disabled youth

1992Public School 266 at J66, New York City, "Circle of Hands" with Special Education

1992Students for "Special Arts '92", workshop

4. For professionals facing illness or burn-out, using body casting and a myth-related group
    process that helps participants reconnect to their essence and passion for their life's work.

1998Auckland, New Zealand, "Symbols and Healing Art: Body Casting with Christiane Corbat" workshops and lectures for healthcare professionals and artists