Books and Catalogs
2001 Spirit Body Healing
M Samuels, MD, Mary Rockwood Lane, RN, PhD, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
2000 Visions Toward Wellness 2000 Society for the Arts in Healthcare (catalog)
1999 A Distinct Grace Roland Gibson Art Gallery, State U of NY College at Potsdam (catalog)
1998 Nouvel Objet Seoul, South Korea, "The Healing Power of Art: Christiane Corbat"
1998 Art and Healing Barbara Ganim, Three Rivers Press, NY, pp 175, 177-182
1998 Creative Healing Michael Samuels, M.D., Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N., M.S.N., Harper Collins, pp 254-257
1991 Sesam-Sesam 2 Turid Elsness, H. Aschehoug & Co., Norway, chapter 5, "Christiane Corbat"
1990 Greater Providence Fulfilling Its Destiny Ann L. Dunnington, Windsor Publ. Inc.

Selected Newspaper and Magazine Articles
3/17/02 Providence Journal, Sunday Journal Magazine, Cover Story
"Art & its power to heal" Laura Meade Kirk
2001 International Journal of Healing & Caring On-line (
"Art is Healing, Healing is Art: A Collaborative Vision"
8/24/99 Western Leader, Auckland New Zealand
"There's Gold in Them Thar Bandages"
2/4/98 Journal of the American Medical Association, Pulse Section, Cover and "About the Cover"
& "Healing Cast in a New Light: The Therapy of Artistic Creation", Pamela Dalziel Cruse
Apr. 1997 Rhode Island Health/Medicine Magazine
"The Role of Art in the Medical Setting", Christiane Corbat
Feb. 1997 Rhode Island Health/Medicine Magazine
"Art and Disability", Christiane Corbat
Dec. 1996 ART New England, Virginia Lynch Gallery: Elaine Anthony, Christiane Corbat, Leah Grear and Becky Young, review by Alicia Craig Faxon
1995 Art as a Healing Force Newsletter, Vol 2, No 1, Bolinas, CA, "Christiane Corbat"
Sep. 1995 Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
"Art as Healing Force", Michael Samuels, MD
Sep. 1994 Sculpture Magazine
"Getting Better: Art and Healing", Anne Barclay Morgan

Radio and Television interviews
1/23-25/04 Focus on Rhode Island" WRNI National Public Radio "The Globalheart Project", Interview by Deb Becker of Christiane Corbat, Colleen Cavanaugh & Elaine Bearer
Apr. 2001 "Morning Edition" National Public Radio, "Christiane Corbat/Healing Art" with Cate McQuaid
2/22/00 Radio Suisse Romande "Le Triangle des Zebres", Lausanne, Switzerland (phone interview in French)
7/16/99 Channel 10 Television, R.I. Waking Dreams and Warrior Women's "Hanging Out" Project, with Karen Reed
5/28/98 New Zealand Television "Art and Healing"
12/17/96 WRIU, 90.3 FM Interview of Christiane Corbat for "Many People, One Planet"
5/10/94 WICN, 90.5 FM, Interview of Christiane Corbat by Mark Lynch for "Inquiry"
4/27/94 WADN, Waltham Radio, Interview for 'Body and Soul' Exhibition with Rachel Rosenfield Lafo, Gina Halpern and Christiane Corbat by Larry Blumsack for ART New England Magazine